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For First Response Professionals the Defibtech AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is standard equipment. For schools, offices, stores, shopping centres, factories, and public places, it’s becoming as vital as the fire extinguisher. Ireland's number one top
Free Approved Cardiac First Response - Irish Heart Foundation Course with each unit purchased
Defibtech Technology
Defibtech is able to successfully deliver a no-compromise AED design at an industry leading price because of the engineering that has gone into the design of our products and the advanced technology used to manufacture these world-class devices.

The Defibtech AED was designed by engineers with extensive medical device design experience and also, just as importantly, high-tech high-volume consumer product development experience. The members of our team have developed hospital equipment (e.g., arrhythmia detection algorithms, ultrasound imaging equipment, filmless x-ray systems, blood flow monitors, trans-telephonic defibrillators), implantable and invasive medical devices (e.g., heart valves, catheters), military technology (e.g., rocket ultrasound inspection systems), consumer products (e.g., high-end audio equipment, consumer phones), and commercial products (e.g., phone company central office electronics, ultra-high speed image processing systems).

This wide variety of skills allow us to use techniques that are not typically known to design groups in conventional medical device companies. By combining this cross-industry experience with the latest computer aided design (CAD) tools, we are able to create a design that is not only technologically outstanding, but can be produced reliably in high volumes at a cost-effective price. This type of approach enables the design, engineering, and manufacturing teams to visualize changes and make adjustments to continually improve the product while ensuring its manufacturability.

From the very beginning, our physicians, electronic designers, software developers, and plastic designers worked together to create a well integrated design. This allowed us to created a product that has the features the market needs, is reliable and can be easily manufactured. As one example, our AEDs have no screws inside – the design is so well integrated that all the internal components snap together during manufacturing – resulting in a more reliable design (no screws inside to vibrate loose in the field) and a lower cost (no screws to buy, less manufacturing time). These types of innovations result in a better product, at a lower cost.

The electronics design begins with schematics that become part of an integrated CAD design process. These schematics are converted to a physical layout directly in the computer allowing the engineers and the plastic designers to work interactively towards a fully integrated design. Defibtech created a virtual product entirely on the computer to make sure that when the design was produced it would work reliably and be easy to manufacture.

These same computer databases were used to create the production tooling: the printed circuit boards, the plastics tools, the automated assembly programs, the in-circuit testing fixtures and so on. By transferring this information electronically, many of the errors that creep in during a conventional approach to production engineering are avoided and eliminated.

Defibtech's AEDs are manufactured using the most modern, automated, production and testing equipment. The computer-controlled assembly process ensures that the devices are produced exactly the same way every time. Each device and its components and sub-systems are tested and tracked throughout the manufacturing process using state-of-the-art testing equipment, bar-coding technology and custom manufacturing software. Before the product even reaches final inspection, it has already been optically inspected by a computer vision system, in-circuit tested by an automated ICT testing system that checks thousands of electrical parameters and functionally checked by custom designed test equipment.

All of these automated testing steps provide an extensive check of the components that make up the Defibtech AED and ensure the system's readiness to perform a rescue. Defibtech takes it yet another step further – each and every AED is individually inspected by a trained Defibtech technician and tested on a patient simulator before shipment.

The mass-production design of our devices and the technology used in the manufacturing of our AEDs, give us the production capacity to supply the ever-increasing demand of the AED market. This means that our customers aren't left waiting for their life-saving equipment to arrive as a result of manufacturing capacity limitations.

By using the most advanced design and manufacturing techniques available, Defibtech is able to provide the most cost-effective product with the highest quality and reliability.




Safety Ireland First Response is the sole authorised distributor for Defibtech LLC products in Ireland. Only units sold by us or our approved resellers are covered under warranty. We are also an approved training site for the Irish Heart Foundation & the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.  Safety Ireland with Defibtech have the highest level of support available in Ireland for defibrillators. With our main office just off the M50 in Terenure Dublin, and offices in Limerick, Offaly and Wexford we are able to provide the best support and service possible in Ireland.

Safety Ireland Accreditation:

  • Irish Heart Foundation  - IHF -  Approved Training Site.
  • Quality & Qualifications Ireland - QQI - Approved Training Provider.
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council - PHECC -  Recognised Institution.
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health - IOSH - Licensed Training Provider.

    Safety Ireland First Response Limited, Registered in Dublin Ireland.
    Unit 52 Fortfield Park,
    Dublin D6W PW14,

    Phone: 01-44 22 999
    Callsave: 1850 555 999

    Office Hours: 9am till 5pm Monday - Friday

    Defibtech is a registered Trade Mark in Ireland number 242083 & 246780.

    Ireland's Automatic External Defibrillator of Choice
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  • Quality Assured Medical Device - FDA - ISO - CE
    Every defibrillator is not the same. Defibtech units have the highest standard available FDA, ISO and CE certification, don't settle for second best. Always ensure that your unit is approved by the FDA who regulate the worlds largest medical device market, if the defibrillator you are considering purchasing isn't approved for sale by the FDA there is a reason, it didn't meet the highest standard.
    Free Approved Defibrillator Training
    With every defibrillator purchased you can have eight participants trained for free in our training centre in Terenure, Dublin. The training provided is to approved Cardiac First Responder and Irish Heart Foundation level and certificates are issued to each participant.
    The Defibtech AED has a full eight year warranty from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that the unit requires maintenance you will have a new replacement defibrillator within one working day while the unit is checked and serviced. If you unit can't be fixed you will be issued with a new replacement defibrillator during the warranty period.
    Free Service Checks
    Every two years we can download the information from the location where the defibrillator is installed and do a free full service check this includes any software or protocols updates on the unit to assure you that your AED is ready to perform a rescue. Also anytime you can call into our office to have your unit checked for free.
    24 Hour Irish Support
    If you ever need any assistance just call or email, we are here 24 hours a day to assist you our clients. Even if you need onsite support this is also available nationwide. We can assist you by running a manual self-test on the unit over the telephone.
    Medical Overview
    We can provide you with AED policies for your workplace or community group also after you use your defibrillator unit, if you require we will provide you with a free medical audit as recorded by the unit.
    Review Software
    The defibrillator records medical data internally, which can be accessed with the aid of our free software. An optional data card can be added to record both extended amounts of ECG data and audio for a full event review.
    Call Into Our Office
    Many defibrillators are just for sale over the internet with no real offices based in Ireland. Call into us anytime and view and try our defibrillator products before you buy. You will me able to meet the staff and see the support that is available to you 24 hours a day nationwide.
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