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International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)
As many of you are aware the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) are currently preparing an evidence based review of resuscitation science. The ILCOR Consensus on CPR and ECC Science with Treatment Recommendations will be published online in the journals Resuscitation and Circulation on Monday, 18th October 2010.

When released you will be able to view these guidelines and a summary highlight document online at

Please be aware that although the guidelines will be published on this date by ILCOR, there will be, as always with the release of such guidelines, a delay in implementing the changes into the training programme due to the need to produce new materials including manuals, DVDs and texts for each course.

Timing of Guidelines Rollout into the Programme

Once published these recommendations will be used by international organisations such as the American Heart Association (AHA) to incorporate the resuscitation guidelines into each of their courses. Therefore there will be a transition period between the publication of the guidelines and their introduction into Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training programmes.

Please bear in mind that it may be necessary to adapt the guidelines when they are implemented in Ireland, i.e. in the case of some medications, therefore any necessary changes will need to be sanctioned before implementation into the Irish Heart Foundation’s training programme. Therefore all Instructors will be required to attend an update session prior to teaching courses using the new science.

The Irish Heart Foundation aims to start implementing the new guidelines in early 2011. A number of workshops will be held to update Faculties in each teaching discipline who will then be able to update instructors in time with the rollout of the new materials as they are produced and released by the AHA.

We will be notifying Training Sites, Faculties and Instructors of all appropriate key dates as these are set.

Please be aware that these new guidelines may be introduced into clinical practice as seen suitable by hospitals and institutions. Please remember the Irish Heart Foundation sets and administers a standard of training rather than clinical practice guidelines.

Publication of New Teaching Materials

New teaching materials will become available on a staggered basis for each of the different courses. At this stage we don’t have specific release dates but we have been given the following expected timeframes from the American Heart Association (AHA):

January – March 2011:
• Handbook for Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers
• Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
• Family & Friends CPR
• Family & Friends CPR Anytime Kit

April – June 2011:
• Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
• Heartsaver AED
• Heartsaver CPR

Key Points to Remember:
There are a few things that it is important to bear in mind:

• Until otherwise notified all instructors should adhere to teaching with the current materials without any adjustment to current IHF/AHA, IHF/PHECC resuscitation training protocols or guidelines. Please note that introducing any non sanctioned changes to courses can lead to confusion in the classroom and such courses will not be certified by the Irish Heart Foundation.

• All Instructors will be required to attend an update session prior to teaching courses using the new science.

• There may/or may not be a need to update equipment i.e. AEDs if the new guidelines require. Please contact your supplier if necessary in order to do this.

• Instructors may go into situations where they are expected to teach old guidelines. This is especially relevant in the medical area where there may be a short delay in them becoming clinical practice in each organisation. Instructors should be directed by their Training Site Coordinator as to when they are to begin teaching the new guidelines.

• Initial guideline updates will be given to faculty members so they can then conduct instructor updates in their area followed by instructor updates shortly thereafter.

• Instructor recertification should continue to be conducted prior to an instructor’s certification lapsing. No extensions will be given due to the introduction of the new guidelines.

• The implementation of these guidelines will take time. Please be patient and we will keep you informed of all the relevant information and necessary key dates.

Check our website ( regularly which we will update as more specific dates become available.

And finally, please do not rely on word of mouth. If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Sarah & Brigid - Irish Heart Foundation

Safety Ireland First Response is the sole authorised distributor for Defibtech LLC products in Ireland. Only units sold by us or our approved resellers are covered under warranty. We are also an approved training site for the Irish Heart Foundation & the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.  Safety Ireland with Defibtech have the highest level of support available in Ireland for defibrillators. With our main office just off the M50 in Terenure Dublin, and offices in Limerick, Offaly and Wexford we are able to provide the best support and service possible in Ireland.

Safety Ireland Accreditation:

  • Irish Heart Foundation  - IHF -  Approved Training Site.
  • Quality & Qualifications Ireland - QQI - Approved Training Provider.
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council - PHECC -  Recognised Institution.
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health - IOSH - Licensed Training Provider.

    Safety Ireland First Response Limited, Registered in Dublin Ireland.
    Unit 52 Fortfield Park,
    Dublin D6W PW14,

    Phone: 01-44 22 999
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    Office Hours: 9am till 5pm Monday - Friday

    Defibtech is a registered Trade Mark in Ireland number 242083 & 246780.

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    Every defibrillator is not the same. Defibtech units have the highest standard available FDA, ISO and CE certification, don't settle for second best. Always ensure that your unit is approved by the FDA who regulate the worlds largest medical device market, if the defibrillator you are considering purchasing isn't approved for sale by the FDA there is a reason, it didn't meet the highest standard.
    Free Approved Defibrillator Training
    With every defibrillator purchased you can have eight participants trained for free in our training centre in Terenure, Dublin. The training provided is to approved Cardiac First Responder and Irish Heart Foundation level and certificates are issued to each participant.
    The Defibtech AED has a full eight year warranty from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that the unit requires maintenance you will have a new replacement defibrillator within one working day while the unit is checked and serviced. If you unit can't be fixed you will be issued with a new replacement defibrillator during the warranty period.
    Free Service Checks
    Every two years we can download the information from the location where the defibrillator is installed and do a free full service check this includes any software or protocols updates on the unit to assure you that your AED is ready to perform a rescue. Also anytime you can call into our office to have your unit checked for free.
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    If you ever need any assistance just call or email, we are here 24 hours a day to assist you our clients. Even if you need onsite support this is also available nationwide. We can assist you by running a manual self-test on the unit over the telephone.
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    We can provide you with AED policies for your workplace or community group also after you use your defibrillator unit, if you require we will provide you with a free medical audit as recorded by the unit.
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    The defibrillator records medical data internally, which can be accessed with the aid of our free software. An optional data card can be added to record both extended amounts of ECG data and audio for a full event review.
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    Many defibrillators are just for sale over the internet with no real offices based in Ireland. Call into us anytime and view and try our defibrillator products before you buy. You will me able to meet the staff and see the support that is available to you 24 hours a day nationwide.
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